1. Christmas 2012: The Ghost of Simon Tower

    It’s time again, my friends, for my annual Christmas gift to you, a new short story. And this year, we’re going back to Siegel City and Josh Corwood. Every Christmas Eve the heroes of Siegel City come together to raise a glass to their fallen friends. On Josh Corwood’s first Christmas among them, he learns of an apparition that has haunted Simon Tower for years… a mysterious, nameless phantom, who may hold some of the Tower’s biggest secrets yet. This short story continues the tale of Other People’s Heroes with a gateway into the past of Siegel City, and a glimpse into its future.

    So how do you read this story, do you ask? It’s simple, guys. If you’ve got your Amazon Kindle, it’s available in the store right now for a mere 99 cents. But just between you and me, the reason I charge even the 99 cents is because you can’t make a book free on Amazon unless it’s enrolled in their special program, which I’ve decided not to do for reasons.

    The Ghost of Simon Tower in the Amazon Kindle Store ($0.99)

    But let’s say you don’t have a Kindle… or you don’t have 99 cents, because your kid needed that Tickle-Me Emilio Estavez doll I hear all the kids are crazy for this year. I feel you, my friend. Now before long, the book should be in the Sony Reader store, the Kobo Store, the Nook store, the iPad store, but all of those things take a bit longer than Amazon. So for the rest of you, friends, the book is now available at Smashwords.com, and at Smashwords, for a limited time, it’s absolutely free. Yep, for the whopping price of nothing, you can download the book in any format you want, ready to load on your Nook, your Kobo, your iPad… and yes, even your Kindle. And if you don’t have any of those, there’s also an option to read it in PDF format or HTML, right there in your web browser. So if you’re a fan of Siegel City and Josh Corwood, there is literally no reason not to check the book out right now.

    The Ghost of Simon Tower in the Smashwords bookstore (FREE!)

    As always, my friends, I ask just one favor of you. If you like my work, please post a review of it online — at Amazon, Smashwords, wherever you happen to get it. Reviews help the book get attention, attention gets more sales, more sales means Blake can keep writing stuff like this. And after some of the hints I drop in The Ghost of Simon Tower, I think you’re really going to be excited to see what I’ve got planned for 2013.

    Special thanks to the great Jacob Bascle, who once again has come through with a great cover for the book! Merry Christmas, everybody!


  2. From “The Pyrite War”

    Working on the second draft of “The Pyrite War.” Came across this little exchange that I’ve always liked:

    “You worry too much, Davey.” With a flick of her wrist, the door popped open and swung into the apartment. “You first.”

    “You are certifiable.





  3. NaNoWriMo Update

    National Novel Writing Month update. Today’s word count: 1956. Total to date: 37,097. I kind of wrote myself into a corner tonight. There’s some information I don’t want my audience to know yet, but I had a character in a position where there was absolutely NO RATIONAL REASON for him to hide this information from the person he’s talking to. 

    So I blew up the side of the building before he could explain.