1. Blake has written books Day 4: The Pyrite War

    Blake has written books Day 4: The Pyrite War

    PyriteWar_v2For my fourth novel, I returned to the world of Siegel City, but not the one we saw in Other People’s Heroes. While OPH was very much a contemporary novel, in The Pyrite War I hearkened back to the city’s early days to tell the tale of Siegel’s very first superhero.

    On the cusp of America’s involvement in World War II, the world only knows of one super-powered champion: Guardian M, protector of…

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  2. The Pyrite War — now digitally AND in print!

    You asked, friends, and I answered. My new novel The Pyrite War, a #1 bestseller on Amazon.com*, is…

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  3. The Countdown Is Over! The Pyrite War is here!

    I hope you’ve enjoyed the past 12 days of glimpses at the characters in my newest novel, The Pyrite…

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  4. Countdown to THE PYRITE WAR #1: Nightshadow I


    Powers: Unknown. Although there are no records of Nightshadow using any measurable…

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  5. Countdown to THE PYRITE WAR #2: Guardian M


    Powers: Guardian M’s powers were numerous and varied. He was known to possess the…

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  6. Countdown to THE PYRITE WAR #3: Witch Raven


    Powers: Undetermined. Witch Raven was observed demonstrating a number of “magical”…

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  7. Blake’s Weekly Roundup: March to War

    All this week I’ve continued the character countdown to my next novel, The Pyrite War, launching on September 10. Here’s who we’ve met this week…

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  8. Countdown to THE PYRITE WAR #4: Indestructagirl


    Powers: Indestructagirl had greatly enhanced strength and resistance to physical…

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  9. Countdown to THE PYRITE WAR #5: Salty Joe


    Powers: Salty Joe could breathe underwater and swim at remarkable speeds.


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  10. Countdown to THE PYRITE WAR #6: Atomic Particle


    Powers: Atomic Particle could reduce his size to almost microscopic levels.


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